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Eco-Friendly Building

This month we’re celebrating Mother Earth all month long as we bring your tips and tricks for building the eco-friendly way.  Building a sustainable home takes time and planning, but we’re here to help!

How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices into designing and building? See below!

  1. Focus on your window placement. Something as simple as the placement of windows can make a great deal of difference to the atmosphere of a room. Innovative technology for builders assists in identifying the most strategic window positions to take advantage of sunlight and natural breezes.
  2. Reusing old materials where possible is an easy way to save money and reduce the environmental impacts of your construction. Products like recycled lumber, plastic, and glass are less damaging than buying new. Biodegradable materials are also being produced with reduced energy costs and pollution. #ecofriendlydesign #tipsandtricks
  3. There are many recycled materials being used in green home building, such as reclaimed wood and countertops made from recycled glass, aluminum and even soda cans. There are also a variety of options for using recycled steel or recycled wood/plastic composite, both of which are high quality, durable products that can reduce the amount of new lumber used in a home.
  4. The material used on your roof can make a dramatic difference in your home’s energy efficiency: slate, terra cotta, white tiles, special membranes, and metal roofing are a few of the roofing products available with green benefits. Considering products that reflect the sun’s energy away from the roof, cools faster at night and holds less heat for less time can help reduce energy costs.
  5. The sun is the ultimate source of clean, low-cost energy. Evaluate the solar potential of the property that’ll be built on so you can take advantage of light and geography to get the most efficiency and energy for your investment.