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Emerging Architecture Trends for Sustainability 

There are several emerging architecture trends that are important to discuss as many of the trends impact our environment. Below are four trends that are expected to be adopted in the future to increase sustainability in future architecture designs.  

  1. With a growing population Sustainability is becoming a priority when architects are planning. Climate change is real and it is important for businesses to have sustainable designs as many people feel passionate about saving the planet. Building structures that allow people to eliminate less gas into the atmosphere are increasing tremendously. 
  2. Smart cities are an urban development based on sustainability. There is a greater focus on renewable energy, transportation solutions, smart home energy management systems, and more comprehensive access to health. The smart cities are made to respond to the needs of its people. The development will allow architects to make more efficient use of resources, lower energy consumption, and build cities to maximize efficiency. 
  3. A large movement that goes along with sustainability and smart cities is the creation of  Greener Cities. Cities are now taking and stance and are demanding more green space. Architects are listening and now building rooftop gardens, plant walls and communal green spaces. Green areas are important as they absorb CO2, block particulate matter and prevent buildings from overheating. 
  4. Another emerging trend is vertical design which is moving away from horizontal landscapes and transitioning into vertical. Experts are predicting that towns will accommodate more people with less of an impact on the environment if homes are stacked on top of each other like in large cities. 

Many of the emerging trends come from listening to what the people want. Climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of new designs because it is important to the consumers. Architecture is changing for the better all thanks to new technology.