Producing fine architecture responsive to the client’s needs

Landscaping & Architecture

This month we’re chatting about the relationship between Landscaping and Architecture. Below are the key components for making your home or office building look beautiful both inside and out.

  1. Collaboration is key
    Landscape architecture firms and architects are extraordinary together. In order to create elevated design that encompass amenities that today’s buyer is looking for: Collaboration between these two professions is key.
  2. Outdoor spaces should have the same level of design as indoor spaces
    Don’t forget about the exterior of your space. If you’re designing a building from the ground up, make sure landscaping is a part of that discussion from day 1.
  3. Fresh, and relevant ideas are important
    Landscape architects are artists, and the project site and surrounding area context is their canvas. You may already have many preconceived ideas, and an experienced landscape architect will first know the right questions to ask you, and with that information, use your ideas to create a design that will simultaneously meet your specific needs and create an impressive work of art that results in greater returns, happier investors, end-users, and greater pride in your development project.
  4. Creation of harmonious environment is always the goal
    There is one huge difference between the two professions: While landscape architects mostly create landscapes that fit into their natural surroundings or try to retrieve a part of the original landscape that once defined the appearance of a place, architects build over those natural landscapes to create something completely new. You want your building to become a pat of its surroundings.
  5. Air Purification is something to think about
    Plants and trees as most people know produce oxygen but less people know that they also absorb air pollutants. This helps to filter the air and makes it cleaner. When creating a design project, this should be a key consideration.